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What it means to sponsor a child.

Each of us has the power to change a child’s life. In the face of a decreasing amount of governmental and international mobilisation, we have the power to help with the scope of difficulties faced by orphans tied to HIV. This power lies in a simple commitment: sponsorship.

Sponsoring a child will consist of establishing an emotional bond with the child, as well as providing financial aid for his or her daily needs.

  • The emotional bond is cultivated through an exchange of letters and photographs. This bond is essential because, in addition to financial support, the children are in need of both moral and emotional support to continue on the right path.
  • The financial aid is assigned for educational fees, housing fees, food and hygiene. The total amount for sponsoring a child is only 28 euros per month.

Each story is different; as such Orphelins Sida International has put in place three types of sponsorships corresponding to each child’s situation. You may choose to sponsor an orphaned child directly, a minor who is head of the household or a grandparent.

See what the children and their sponsors have to say (French)

Why sponsor an orphaned child with OSI?

Sponsoring a child with Orphelins Sida International prevents orphaned children from once more becoming victims of HIV/ AIDS. It means giving them an opportunity to grow despite the loss of their parents.

Orphelins Sida International supports the children of AIDS victims in countries affected most by the epidemic, by arranging sponsorship programs and supporting the local organizations that oversee them. These community-based organizations function as support stations in each country where we are present. They allow us to develop coherent programs, that are well-integrated into the social fabric of the beneficiaries community.

Any implementation of the program is preceded by 4 phases to guarantee an efficient partnership with the local organizations:

  • An exchange of the two partners’ objectives.
  • A concentrated evaluation of the needs and work methods.
  • An evaluation of the association or individual’s human and financial resilience.
  • An exchange of the means of evaluation of our common goals.

The conclusion of a partnership is realised by signing a sponsorship agreement between Orphelins Sida International and the participating country’s partnering association.

view the agreement (in French)

Sponsored children in Burkina Faso

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Like all donations made to non-profits, any donation made to Orphelins Sida International will receive a tax deduction of 66% in the limit of a 20% taxable income.

Each year you will receive a fiscal receipt at the end of March.

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